What's It All About?

Many of us in the workplace are stressed, overworked, and overextended. Yet our organizations seem to be asking still more of us. How do we learn to do more with less? And then still more with less again?

On April 24, 2013, we explored ways to drive and maintain high performance without burnout. Learn from experienced managers, senior coaches, and leadership experts on how to avoid the deal-breaking moment when your top talent declares, "No more doing more with less."

3 Critical Skills for Managing the Overextended Workforce

In our follow-up event on May 8, 2013, three recognized Blanchard experts on the topics of motivation, performance management, and trust shared actionable tips and strategies.

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This livecast included some of leadership's best known thought leaders sharing their insight on how they have managed to accomplish more with less, including: Elliott Masie, Steve Roesler, Charlene Li, James Maas, Lee Cockerell, Fons Trompenaars and many more.

Plus live commentary from Ken Blanchard and Scott Blanchard!

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